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O minstrel, strum your lute

          and pluck the high notes tonight.

O singer, open your song

          with, “He is the Truth.”

The heart’s dilemma can’t be solved

          by following many gods;

entrust your affairs

          to the One Unique Lord.

Leave the book about the world and its people

          for the sane and sober;

inscribe the pages of your book

          with the madness of love.

Abandon this bodily form

          and read the tablet of the heart

so that God’s love

          may lift the veil from your soul’s eye.

I remain your lover, O God,

          surrendered and content,

whether You counsel me

          or chastise me.

You are for me the manifest Truth.

          You are the hidden and the revealed.

I behold Your presence

          everywhere, in every moment.

Not only has Nurbakhsh’s heart and soul

          become illumined by You,

but the entire creation exists

          through the grace of Your light.

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