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Lightning flashed from above the throne

          of the realm of possibilities,

and from its radiance was born

          the form of created things.

With coquettish glances and amorous jests,

          He gave the command “Be!”

and brought forth

          so much beauty and grace.

From pre- to post-eternity

          is less than a moment;

know that the premises and the implications

          of all arguments make but one point.

From your point of view alone

          destiny is fulfilled in time.

Created beings travel through stages

          that are only in your mind.

Like children who build toy houses

          with blocks of wood,

you construct a created world with your


Don’t confuse the toy

          with the real thing;

don’t be infatuated

          with flattery and praise.

In the eyes of the master of love

          the intellect is but a child

who, from lack of discernment,

          has become absorbed in illusion.

Burn the pages

          and wash clean the notebooks;

all that has been compiled

          still falls short of the dignity of love.

O Nurbakhsh,

          whatever the intellectuals may write

is but the myth of idols

          and their temples.

It takes a king of love

          to behead the idols

with the sword of his jealousy,

          and to cast them down.

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