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From pre- to post-eternity

          is but a single breath,

a breath free of all these

          high and low melodies.

Treasure this breath,

          this moment you now enjoy.

Spend it in happiness; there is

          no time for sorrow.

Once this moment has passed,

          it is gone forever.

Your remaining time is less

          than the very least you can imagine.

If you spend this moment laughing,

          the world will reflect your joy.

But if you fall into depression,

          the whole world will seem to be in mourning.

Don’t give your heart to this

          transitory world

with all its ups and downs,

          its twists and turns.

Bring joy to another’s heart;

          and be joyful yourself,

for the highest gain in the world

          is this.

Take care, Nurbakhsh,

          not to hurt any heart;

accomplishing this is more dear

          than any crown or throne.

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