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The Dwelling of the Dervish

The nest of existence

          is the dwelling of the dervish;

he exists for the world,

          and the world exists for him.

When he decides to leave this abode,

          he will reside in a place

that is the realm

          of his own annihilation.

With no name or trace

          he will travel there,

to behold his Lord manifest

          everywhere in that realm.

His discerning eyes

          see no strangers;

wherever he looks

          everyone is his friend.

When, like a reed-pipe,

          his heart is emptied of “I” and “we,”

the Reed Player’s breath blows through him,

          “I am the Truth.”

No one knows the dervish

          but God;

his beginning is God,

          and God is his end.

O Nurbakhsh, you have raised high

          the banner of the dervish in the world;

this action, too,

          is from the purity of the dervish.

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