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The World of Love and Revelry

The world of love and revelry

           knows no security or rest;

its pain, sorrow and affliction

           are without wailing and sighs.

It is a wondrous realm,

           beyond both worlds.

Space can’t contain it;

           it has no boundaries, no shores.

In that realm “we” and “I”

           are never mentioned.

There is no wisdom or intellect,

           neither speech nor exposition.

Whoever is familiar with that realm

           becomes estranged from self;

wherever he goes, he is a stranger,

           without trace or name.

His heart is freed from all things;

           indeed he is unconscious of self.

In this place, the thought of being

           or non-being brings only loss.

The madman of God’s path

           is considered the master of intellect,

and though he is the very soul of the soul,

           he has no concern for the soul.

Since Nurbakhsh gambled

           and lost everything in love,

he has no expectation of friendship

           from anyone.

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