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Reassessment of Love

Once again, I will reassess

          my love for You;

I will inform everyone

          of my view.

I will extinguish

          the fire of separation in my breast;

I will put out of my head

          the thought of union with You.

I will erase the words

          “I and the Beloved”

and make “love” an epic

          told beyond all horizons.

Through friendship with You,

          I will shut my eyes to all else

and gaze on Your face

          with Your eyes.

I will break the head and feet of seeking

          with the rock of zeal,

and travel everywhere

          with You on Your feet.

I will evacuate

          the realm of “I” and “we”

and come to Your quarters

          dead drunk.

O Nurbakhsh,

          I will inform you about yourself

so that you will stop telling the others

          what else you will do.

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