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Yearning To See You

Your Beauty had no buyer

          but You;

You were the sole customer — no one

          was in the marketplace but You.

You fashioned a mirror

          to see Your own beauty,

You saw there was no one yearning

          to behold it but You.

You made the caravan of creation

          appear from non-existence,

yet in that multiplicity

          no one was there but You.

Your Being raised a commotion

          like the trumpet blaring of resurrection;

we discovered that all was just imagined —

          there was really no one but You.

All the atoms of the cosmos are roaming

          in the sleep of non-existence;

no one is awake

          in existence but You.

With the eye of my soul

          I saw this truth:

since pre-eternity there has been

          no one but You.

Nurbakhsh saw that

          from pre- to post-eternity

there was never anyone manifest

          in existence but You.

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