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Whoever Becomes Nothing Will Reach God

Whoever becomes nothing

          will reach God —

when a wave disappears it merges

          with the ocean.

Stamp out yourself and

          become Him —

the drop loses its identity when it

          dissolves into the sea.

The one who forgets himself

          from head to toe

will have the good fortune

          to complete the path.

Love’s vast ocean can be achieved

          through self-effacement —

the one who has no place can reach

          the ultimate destination.

Whoever becomes hidden

          from the eyes of the people

will have his own truth-seeing eyes

          opened by God.

Annihilate the idol of

          self-worship —

only then will the Truth

          be revealed to you.

Listen to Nurbakhsh with your heart

          and soul —

whoever becomes nothing

          will reach God.

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