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Look everywhere for the knower

          of the path to God,

and hold on to the one who can

          snatch you from your self.

In the Friend’s district, leave behind everything

          other than Him,

then in sincerity and contentment

          accept whatever comes.

Don’t walk the path that does not lead

          to loving-kindness and fidelity;

follow the creed

          of love and purity.

Never seek out those

          who claim miracles;

grab onto those

          who are selfless.

If you spend your wealth and your life

          to attain the Friend,

then hang on to the rope

          of faqr and fana.

Keep away from those who are

          the prisoners of “I” and “we”;

stay with those who do not promote

          such selfishness.

Hear from Nurbakhsh

          this subtle advice:

seek love’s remedy from

          the physician of love.

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