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Don’t acquire a guide until you become

          a traveler on the path to God.

Don’t go searching for God’s love

          if you’re still your own slave.

Don’t ask us about the fable

          of heaven and hell;

don’t seek any lesson from us other than

          the teaching of purity and loving-kindness.

Go to the place where there is

          the discourse of love and fidelity.

Avoid the deceit of the carnal self;

          don’t associate with the followers of vain desires.

Choose as your companions the travelers

          on the path of the Truth.

Don’t go chasing the followers

          of falsity and hypocrisy.

Dwell with the residents

          of the district of chivalry.

Don’t ever ask the whereabouts

          of selfish people.

With valor let go of everything

          other than the Friend.

Don’t choose a friend for yourself

          other than God.

Like Nurbakhsh, leave behind everything

          on the path to the Friend.

Endure the pain of love for the Friend

          and don’t seek a remedy.

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