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In this lodge of existence

          we are but beggars of love,

servants of the world

          and humanity — for love.

Our own feet can no longer carry us;

          we traverse the path to union with God

only with His help and on

          the feet of love.

We saw no purity

          in the people of this age;

with heart and soul

          we adapted to the purity of love.

Only with the feet of tracelessness

          and the state of selflessness

may we reach

          the divine sanctuary of love.

On the ark of hope we are caught

          in the maelstrom of bewilderment —

our only hope is to be saved

          by the captain of love.

Don’t ask us

          about belief or unbelief;

on our path, unbelief is everything

          other than love.

My heart is deeply saddened

          by the impudent intellect’s realm;

O fortune, grant aspiration

          so that I may fly in the sky of love.

In the house of “I” and “you,”

          there is nothing but headaches;

one must take refuge

          in the castle of love.

O Nurbakhsh, plug your ears

          so that with the heart’s ear

you may hear

          the call of love.

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