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Last night, in frenzied madness

          and in the mood for arguments,

I had a confrontation

          with my turbulent heart.

“What did you choose in the end,

          belief or unbelief?” I asked.

“As long as I still had a choice,

          I was negligent of God,” it replied.

“Are you a stranger or a friend —

          what is your state?” I asked.

“As long as I was a stranger

          I had a friend,” it replied.

“Will you not speak of your union

          and separation?” I asked.

“I have repented,

          those thoughts were crude and simple!” it replied.

“Were you given sustenance

          by the Friend?” I asked.

“As long as I hoped for sustenance

          I remained destitute,” it replied.

“Was the way to the district

          of that Sweetheart very far?” I asked.

“There was a path only

          as long as I had feet,” it replied.

“Did you learn the mysteries

          of body and soul?” I asked.

“When did I ever pay attention

          to this body and soul?” it replied.

“When you were annihilated,

          what did your eyes behold?” I asked.

“I saw that my consciousness of self

          was baseless,” it replied.

“Did the cloud of His Benevolence pour down

          the rain of His Mercy upon you?” I asked.

“When did I ever think of heaven

          and earth?” it replied.

“Are you freed

          from idol-worship?” I asked.

“As long as I still had any desire,

          I was worshiping an idol,” it replied.

“Did your house prosper

          through the grace of His presence?” I asked.

“Every building I had

          was demolished by His hand!” it replied.

“Tell me this: were you satisfied

          with Nurbakhsh at last?” I asked.

“For no reason at all, I was caught up

          in arguments with him,” it replied.

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