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How can I retrieve my heart

          from Him? It is lost to me.

And I no longer have the head that might call for

          another round of love.

Where should I go? Whom should I ask?

          Whom should I go on seeking?

I have reached the point where

          I don’t want to be conscious of myself.

My eyes behold Your face

          with Your light.

How could I possibly see

          anything other than You?

I shall not speak about anything

          but love;

I shall turn a deaf ear to every word

          that is not about You.

The holy sanctuary sought by all

          is manifest inside me.

Why then should I set out on a journey

          to the Kaaba?

To behold Your face,

          I became void of self;

I had to accomplish this

          without wasting a moment.

You bestowed light to my soul

          through Your sun-like face;

You did not want me

          to keep turning toward the moon.

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