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Transfixed by Idols

You have become a selfless

          enraptured lover — I know,

You have become totally helpless

          on my path — I know.

Desiring madness you have relinquished

          religion, heart and reason;

it is not for nothing

          that you are disgraced — I know.

Since you left your self

          in the tavern,

you have become free

          from the shackles of desire — I know.

When you built an idol-temple

          in the Kaaba of the heart,

you became transfixed

          by idols — I know.

I have news from you

          that you have no news of your self;

you have become free

          from the need for news — I know.

“I” and “we” is the source

          of all agitation and misfortune;

you have become free

          from self — I know.

Nurbakhsh, this poem

          is not based on erudite style.

Yes, you have become freed

          from the chains of the intellect — I know.

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