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Discourse on Thoughts

I decided to give up my soul

          for His sake.

“That is for Me to decide;

          I will take it if I wish!” He responded.

“Don’t start a discourse on your thoughts

          and opinions!” He said.

“Certainly. I shall do

          whatever You wish!” I responded.

“Renounce everything

          in the name of love!” He said.

“I pledge my life and soul

          to Your eyes!” I responded.

“Who are you

          to walk towards Me?” He said.

“It is always with Your feet

          that I move across space,” I responded.

“Why have you erased

          all trace of your self?” He asked.

“To aim for the vicinity

          of Your lane,” I responded.

“Keeping the secrets

          is the rule of the path,” He said.

“Other than You

          I have nothing to hide,” I responded.

“Tell me,

          what news of Nurbakhsh?” He asked.

“I know nothing of him

          to tell,” I responded.

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