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The Miracle of Non-Being

I am the interpreter of loving-kindness;

          I am the guide of love.

For the souls of the lovers of God

          I am the burning coal and the raging fire.

I am the guide of the travelers seeking Unity

          on the feet of aspiration;

I am the wings of the birds

          in the sky of love.

A loving guardian of the sanctuary

          of peace and purity,

I am the door and threshold

          of the house of sincerity and fidelity.

I am the cupbearer for the companions

          in the tavern of ruin;

I am the fervor in the hearts

          of all people, whether believers or not.

The Sufi’s only miracle is non-being;

          Who am I?

I am the clear sign and demonstration

          of non-existence.

When intoxicated and no longer conscious of self

          I am the ruler of existence;

when I return to myself

          I am less than worthless.

I speak with the tongue of the Beloved,

          unaware of self; 

I am the light bestower to mankind and the world,

          the barren and verdant alike.

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