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The Departed Caravan

We are tavern-dwellers

          controlled by our breath.

We are nobodies in the two worlds

          and are free from “I” and “we.”

Out of longing for Him, we were never involved

          with anyone but the Predator,

and so never noticed that all our lives

          we were stuck in a cage.

When we truly set foot

          in the kingdom of fana,

we became free from policeman,

          magistrate and judge.

Now the caravan has gone;

          drunk, we have lost the way.

We are unaware of self and

          the cries and bells of the caravan’s departure.

We know neither heaven

          nor hell.

We are not disturbed by the passion and excitement

          of lustful people.

Through God we see God’s light everywhere.

          We are not like Moses,

contemplating Sinai

          and a burning bush instead.

With You, O Friend, we are not ourselves —

          for it is from Your light

that we bestow light

          and are beyond the reach of others.

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