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The Threshold of Loving-Kindness

With a glance I cure

          the pain of love

and, in the crucible of purity, turn

          the heart’s copper to gold.

Faced with the Friend’s coquettish rejection,

          I gave up everything to prove my neediness;

I abandoned all claims

          before the sanctuary of His fidelity.

I have gained admittance

          to the tavern of ruin,

so why should I make myself the prisoner

          of some egotistic mullah?

The melody of the divine covenant

          plays in my heart,

so why should I pay attention

          to the mullah’s claims?

From the moment the master

          of the fire worshipers became my guide,

I have followed him faithfully

          in the ways and manners of love.

You have been stuck for a lifetime

          at the threshold of loving-kindness —

leave behind your self now and join us

          in pure friendship.

The angels led Nurbakhsh

          to the tavern, saying,

“It is to please God that we

          perform this service.”

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