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The Transitory “I” and “We”

I’ll abandon this transitory

          “I” and “we.”

I’ll clear away this make-believe existence

          of mine.

O giver of advice, don’t frighten me

          with talk of the hazards of the path.

I’ll be galloping along towards His district

          on His feet.

In the school of love and purity,

          the intellect has no authority.

I will not take heed of the books

          of Avicenna and Razi.

I view the creation as

          the Friend’s newly-planted trees.

I will not discriminate among

          Turks, Arabs and Hindus.

Every creature has come to existence

          through the generosity of God’s being.

I will express my compassion

          to whomever I see.

Day and night, before the coyness

          of the Mahmud of the Soul,

I express my love like Ayaz:

          with the goods of nothingness.

Do not speak of union with Him —

          no being has the capacity to bear it.

O Nurbakhsh, in my heart I love God

          through remembrance of Him.

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