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O wandering seeker, come

          to this district.

Your Beloved is over here,

          so look this way!

Do not bring “we” and “you” here,

          for it is not allowed in.

Become selfless and uproot

          all thought of self.

If “we” and “you” comes along,

          there will be no news here,

but the moment you become selfless

          receive news and share it with us.

If you take one step in selflessness,

          I will grant your every wish,

but if you still possess “I” and “we”

          then beware of this path!

Arrive humbly and abjectly;

          enter drunkenly.

Abandon your self-existence and

          banish reason from your head.

Come without consciousness of self;

          make sure not to be sober.

Do not see others;

          be mute and deaf as well.

By His beauty, the Beloved will

          bestow light upon you.

Abandon your own sight and

          look with His eyes!

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