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O Physician of lovers, look at

          this bewildered patient!

I am dying of remorse: come, and

          behold the effect of Your cure!

A lifetime I’ve pressed my head

          upon Your threshold.

Show compassion and

          save Your destitute one!

You said You would admit anyone

          who turns toward You.

I am burning with love in Your district —

          now, honor Your promise!

Traceless and placeless,

          You have no need.

You are unchanging —

          show consideration for temporal beings!

For how long, O Host, will You continue

          to ignore others?

Look across Your generous banquet table and

          behold the face of Your guest!

I am transient, and unworthy of a relationship

          with the Eternal.

See how remote my despair,

          behold how close Your mercy!

Your tresses cause my unbelief,

          Your countenance my faith;

O You Who exist beyond faith and unbelief,

          behold this believer!

You are the Bestower of light

          on all existence,

the cause of turmoil

          throughout the world.

The people of this world are the ball

          on Your field.

Behold Your polo bat

          and strike!

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