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You reside in my heart;

          my head desires You.

Night and day I spend

          completely consumed by You.

I have suffered at the hands

          of the people of this age; 

in this world I’ve seen fidelity

          only from You.

We’ve been completely drunk

          with Your wine since pre-eternity;

we’ll remain completely surrendered

          to Your wish till post-eternity.

I’ve no hope for heaven or

          for the resurrection;

I have never wanted anyone

          but You.

Once I realized that in reality

          the path cannot be traveled

except on Your feet,

          I gave up my own volition.

With every breath I take

          I am conscious of You;

I gave up heart and soul as the price

          of pleasing You.

O Nurbakhsh, because you sacrificed

          your self to God,

people wish to surrender themselves

          to you.

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