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Go to the circle of love and purity

          wherever it’s found;

go and attach yourself to the one

          who takes you from yourself.

Keep away from

          pretension and self-display;

go with sincerity and loyalty to the gathering

          of those with spiritual states.

Don’t walk with hypocrites

          and deceitful people;

go with the pain of love to seek

          the one familiar with pain.

Befriend those who have

          no consciousness of self;

go on the path where one doesn’t speak

          about “you” and “we.”

Do not enter where

          people gossip about others;

go with one who’s free

          from such conduct.

The one who speaks of “I” and “you”

          diverts you from the path;

go with those who are

          annihilated from self.

Listen to Nurbakhsh and hear these words

          that spring from love:

“Go to the feast where

          the wine of God’s love is served.”

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