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The Colorless Wine

O Beloved, my heart has grown so accustomed to You

          it turns towards no other door. 

I’ve surrendered my head nowhere else;

          I’ve walked on no other path.

You plundered my heart and faith;

          You ambushed me wherever I went.

I cannot distinguish head from foot;

          I’m but a ball before Your polo bat.

O You, sly Beloved, Your love suffices,

          for there is no friend other than You.

Once I drank the colorless wine

          I became free from the world of colors and scents.

Now I am but a love-crazed soul,

          an enchanted heart crying, “Hu! Hu!

Ever since You bestowed light on my heart,

          it says, “He” at every moment, with no trace of “I.”

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