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He Is the One, the Eternal, without Likeness and Alive

O Cupbearer of the soul,

          fill my cup with wine,

let it burn every vein and pore

          of my body.

Let me cry from the bottom

          of my heart, “Ya Hu! ” 

let me shout from the depth

          of my soul, “Ya Hayy!

Let me stamp my foot

          on the head of multiplicity,

let me journey with ease

          on the path of Unity.

This path cannot be traversed

          without wine;

sobriety and the way of madness

          don’t go together.

How long do you want to speak

          of the world? 

How long do you want to be entrapped

          by your passions?

Leave yourself behind and

          turn to God,

face the sun and

          leave shadows behind.

Let Him bestow light and

          take away the ego,

let the Beloved play the reed-pipe

          of your soul.

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