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The Mysteries of Creation

O rational one, you do not understand

          the mysteries of creation,

and even if you do know a little,

          you certainly lack complete understanding.

O mullah, you do not go to the mosque

          of your own volition,

but you are unaware of the hand

          that leads you there.

O scholar, your studies of external matters have no end;

          not only do you fail

to understand the outer,

          but you are ignorant of the inner as well.

O lover, you will find

          whatever you wish from your beloved.

You will become united with your love

          but not be conscious of your union.

O traveler, you search in every direction

          for a promising road.

Why do you ask about our state

          when you don’t know the heart’s language?

O mystic, you see nothing

          but the ocean and the ship.

You have sunk into a whirlpool

          and no longer seek the shore. 

O Nurbakhsh, in peace you have been liberated

          from all this turmoil;

no longer do you know the state of those

          with darkened days and feet stuck in the mud.

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