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The Tavern’s Prosperity

Cupbearer, pour wine!

          What is the delay?

Why do You hesitate to do

          good deeds?

Since the lovers’ affairs are in

          Your hands,

be gracious! Why are You


You keep the inner state of

          an entire people in ruin

and still You exempt Yourself

          from accusations and blame.

When You are ruining the tavern’s prosperity

          with these dealings,

do You know what you are doing

          to the master?

Our cry has reached to the placeless

          all because of You,

yet You nonchalantly blame it all

          on fate.

The novices are caught up

          in their immature thoughts.

Why do You give form

          to such crude imaginations?

Since you know that the Cupbearer’s delay

          is for the best,

why then, Nurbakhsh, do you keep up

          this pointless complaining?

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