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The Drop and the Ocean

As long as you remain a prisoner of yourself,

          you will be a drop, not the Ocean.

Remove the veil of self, and you’ll see that

          you are the same water.

People’s acceptance has driven you

          away from God.

Not until you’ve been completely disgraced

          will you be allowed to enter the tavern of ruin.

If you truly desire Him,

          don’t follow your own desires.

You cannot exist for Him

          if you exist for yourself.

Seek your God, for life

          is passing you by.

You’re still worshiping

          your ancestors’ idols.

Stop pursuing your own wishes

          if you want union with Him.

What is the gain when every moment

          you are attached to a different desire?

Only after having attained fana

          will you attain baqa.

To affirm God

          you must first negate your self. 

Like Nurbakhsh, throw yourself

          into the ocean of fana,

Then witness with the eye of the Ocean

          that you are indeed that very Ocean.

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