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Response to a Wayfarer

O friend, it is better to leave behind these imaginings and doubts;

          come with love and truly leave your self behind.

If you wish to escape the turbulence of the times

          and pass safely through the tavern of fana

                    it is necessary first to leave behind your self-identity.

I satisfied your thirst for a guide and by this delighted your heart. 

          You escaped your cage and became free in my district.

Why then are you crying and wailing, 

          trembling like a tree in the wind?

                    It is better that you leave behind these sighs and groans.

I am unaware of myself, yet many are crazed with love for me.

          I am familiar with all, yet to all a stranger.

For how long will you moan for no reason about this fable of “I”?

          You who have become my moth, I am aware of your burning. 

                    The right course is to leave behind making a display of it.

Every wearied heart is my dwelling place of old.

          Within my chest, which is emptied of all resentment, 

                    lies the coffer of God’s secret.

Benevolence to the helpless has for years been my occupation.

          My woolen cloak is the adornment of the eternal throne.

                    You will see it plainly if you leave behind both worlds.

I am the remedy and the physician for your ailing heart.

          I am the captivator of the lovers’ hearts and your beloved as well.

I am the cupbearer for the companions, and I am your commander,

          sometimes wrathful, sometimes benevolent — as I am your master.

                    It is better that you leave behind your preference for “this” and “that.” 

Not until a heart bleeds will it be worthy of God.

          A heart will not become worthy of God until it is drenched in blood.

If the grapes are not transformed, wine cannot be made.

          What then can the heart become if it won’t bleed?

                    It is better for your heart to become bloodied so that you give up your life.

The drunkenness of the novice Magians brings warmth to my marketplace. 

          I make bleed the hearts of the rendan of this world.

Let him who desires me burn from separation or let him adapt,

          since either way he is my captive in this trap.

                    Be patient, so that you will pass safely along this path.

For the greatest of lovers, union and separation are the same.

          For such patients, pain and cure are alike.

From the perspective of love, unbelief and faith clearly are one.

          Sometimes bubble, sometimes wave — Look, both are one!

                    Leave behind doubt and you will find the way to certainty.

The discourse of the lovers is about the chain-like tress of my hair;

          their zekr is a wail caused by my enchanting face.

Their contemplation, day and night, is about my heart-soothing thought.

          Their eyes await a glance from the corner of my eyebrow.

                    You must leave behind all imaginings and anxious thoughts.

Beware! I create turmoil for both stranger and friend.

          Beware! Without doubt, I know nothing of salve or sting.

From the former I am not soothed, from the latter not agitated.

          I am the bestower of light! Beware! This is my creed and practice.

                    The condition is this: that you leave behind both loss and gain.

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