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Beloved of my soul,

          You seek me out in every land

to disgrace me

          before people.

Whomever I look at,

          You are the one in my sight —

do you wish to make me

          love-crazed for You?

I am the lover

          seated at Your door,

but not concerned whether or not

          You open it for me.

When You became the customer,

          I sold myself to You;

now it is Your choice

          how to deal with me.

You want me totally,

          always and everywhere,

but only to deny me

          in everyone’s eyes.

I died in your district

          in remembrance of Your face —

may You revive me

          with a breath!

O Light Bestower of the soul,

          O soother of the heart,

I am lost —

          how can You ever find me?

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