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Words Accomplish Nothing

Each time that people

          disturb our state,

our reaction is to give in

          to words.

Through dialogue and discourse

          people gain credence and respect;

as for us, words became

          the sign of our imperfection.

In the valley of love all discourse

          becomes nonsense;

hence, there is no benefit gained

          from our chattering.

Whatever the rationalists

          have said and written

has been just the discourse of the ego,

          meant to keep us occupied.

Words accomplish nothing

          in the banquet of love;

let our time then

          pass in silence.

We don’t deny what people may imagine,

          but they will never even catch up

with the dust cloud stirred up by the flight

          of our imagination.

Nurbakhsh, the blade of the tongue

          severs the link

that connects your inner mind

          with Us.

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