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The Dance of Unity

Come, for the hand of fate

          has shot an arrow and hit the mark;

it has placed the legend of Your beautiful face

          upon every tongue.

What manner of riot was it

          that called forth Your splendor? I do not know,

but it snatched the mystic from himself

          and rendered the Sufi homeless.

Your flirtatious glance

          has been a legend for ages;

it has caused an uproar

          even among those familiar with You.

Through attraction, the firmament reflected

          the agitation of the heart

in the dance of Unity and fervor

          that it displayed.

How wondrous,

          that at the marketplace of yearning

the expounder of love spoke of Your qualities,

          leaving the people gathered there speechless!

I praise the skill of love’s hand:

          with a single arrow from the bowstring

it stitched together

          a hundred thousand hearts.

The source of the sun still

          bestows light

from the radiance

          that Your beauty cast upon the world.

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