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Love’s Commotion

From the heart of every atom

          I hear, “the Friend, the Friend.”

So don’t even see the atom,

          for there is really nothing but Him.

The song of reason and love

          comes from a single Reed Player’s breath;

while intellect is engaged in discussion and debate,

          love creates commotion.

It is the Beloved Himself who is searching

          and seeking in love’s marketplace,

while the poor lover has become

          disgraced in the town.

I asked the master,

          “If the path of Truth is but one,

why then all these embellishments?”

          “Merely for color and scent,” he said.

If you wish to behold His face

          seek an eye capable of seeing God,

for fickle desire is a vagabond,

          wandering every moment to a different door.

The ocean’s outward manifestations

          are called bubble and wave,

yet in reality it is all water,

          whether droplet, stream or sea.

The Beloved is the Bestower of light;

          ask Him to lend you sight

so you may see clearly

          His splendor displayed everywhere.

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