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The Decree of the Intimates of Mysteries

When you turn your faces towards

          the court of the One without need,

break first your talisman’s spell

          of “I” and “we.”

Step beyond yourselves

          on the quest for the Friend;

you will attain the Truth

          if you avoid illusion.

Make your ablution with the pure water

          of sincerity and truthfulness,

then perform the funeral prayer

          over your loveless and dead selves.

Be oblivious to everything

          but the Friend;

turn your backs on whomever is not

          privy to this work.

Remove your gaze from creation

          by remembering Him,

and avoid the throng

          of the loveless ones.

Success in this endeavor comes only

          through the Friend’s grace;

proceed by relying upon the grace

          from that One Who grants success.

If, like Nurbakhsh,

          you seek the Beloved,

then perform the prayer of love according to

          the decree of the intimates of mysteries.

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