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Don’t ask us about anything

          but the affairs of love and fidelity;

don’t ask us about the ascetic

          and his traditions of fear and hope.

Come drunkenly, without your self,

          come with purity and sincerity;

don’t question us about wit and cleverness,

          or ask, why and how.

In the banquet of the people of spiritual states

          leave chatter behind;

don’t ask us about what is and what is not,

          or about what will be given or withheld.

Seek from us the path of fana,

          and the way to nothingness;

don’t ask us about the affairs of the muftis1

          or the hypocritical mullahs.

In the khaniqah

          don’t speak about yourself;

don’t ask about wrath or mercy,

          or the calamities on heaven and earth.

At that gathering where wine drinkers

          are drunk and joyful,

leave behind your sense and reason;

          don’t ask what is going on.

While with Nurbakhsh,

          don’t even mention the memory of transient things.

Seek Unity;

          don’t ask about anything other than God!

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