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The Lord of the Heart

Once I cast off my existence

          for the heart,

I became a stranger to the self

          but acquainted with the heart.

Although the Kaaba in Mecca is the point of focus

          for a whole world,

I focus only on the Kaaba

          of the retreat of the heart.

I saw that the heart

          is His divine sanctuary;

I have cast out all other than the Friend

          from the space of the heart.

That which beats within the breast

          is not the heart

that is the sublime throne,

          the seat of the Lord of the heart.

On the heart’s path,

          the lovers become drowned in their blood;

many a destitute soul has been sacrificed

          at the threshold of the heart.

You are caught in the trap of lust

          and therefore know nothing of the heart;

you won’t find the phoenix of the heart

          in the sky of the carnal soul.

Since Nurbakhsh departed from the domain

          of “I” and “you,”

he has been resting contentedly

          in the sublime sanctuary of the heart.

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