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The Followers of Love

In this age I have found no refuge

except in love;

I have seen no king

but the master of the tavern.

Though there are armies

in every nation,

I have seen no warriors

like those who follow love.

Numerous kings have reigned

in every era,

yet I have seen none that compares in stature

to the king of love.

Monarchs wear golden crowns

upon their heads,

but I have seen no finer adornment

than the cap of faqr.

Though there are countless paths

to the district of the Friend,

I have seen none

more joyful than the tavern’s path.

He will obliterate all else

with just one glance.

Yes, I have seen no look

like the gaze of the Friend.

I have seen resplendent beauties

in every land;

O Light Bestower to the heart,

I have never seen one as radiant as You!

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