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The Interpreted Sign

You ask me why, in my youth,

          I became old?

I saw the stunning stature of that beauty

          and was struck still.

Good news, O men of reason:

          madness has passed all bounds!

Again I began a journey within myself

          and was chained like a madman.

When I saw the destinies

          of the world’s empires

I gave up my scheming

          and followed fate.

What joy to be paralyzed by You!

          You already know

it was Your charming spell

          that conquered me.

The worldly dream, not needing interpretation,

          left my mind;

I became freed from

          wanting explanations.

You are the same now

          as You were in the beginning,

yet I am the sign

          whose interpretation is worthy of You.

Nurbakhsh, what sin is this

          that you speak of yourself?

I am not to blame

          if I seem to transgress.

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