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Passion for Madness

If I have fixed my gaze constantly

          in Your direction,

it was because of the passion for madness

          that I had learnt.

In the face of Your flirtatious rejections

          I, a needy dervish,

made You a gift of my entire savings:

          my heart and my soul.

A moth found me transfixed

          by Your candle’s flame;

the poor creature knew not

          that I had burnt away.

All my life I kept the candle of the intellect

          alight on Your path.

As soon as love arrived

          it was snuffed out,

And the patched cloak of union with You

          that I had stitched together

with passion’s needle

          was torn into a hundred pieces.

You pardoned Nurbakhsh

          and chose him

long before he sold himself

          to You.

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