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The Fable of Existence

For a lifetime I ran anxiously

          in every direction,

then I flashed like lightning

          from the glance of Your eyes.


          I clung to Your hair,

but I saw no hope;

          there were only dark days for me.

You did not say, “Look, here lies one

          vanquished by Me.”

You did not even look at me

          or give me hope.

You sold me for nothing,

          O You, Essence of Being;

I gave my self up

          to attain You.

Have You forgotten me?

          I do not believe it,

for in despair

          You are my only hope.

I heard these words

          from Nurbakhsh,

which he sang

          as he was walking by:

“I am happy that I surrendered

          the fable of my self to the Friend

and became

          remembered by Him.”

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