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Who am I? A homeless vagrant,

          a nobody, a lover

freed from any “I” and “you” spoken by

          the people of desire.

My heart has shrunk away from

          these shallow hypocrites

who pretend to be unruffled.

          I am a lover of the realness of riff-raff.

Any animal has more honor

          than these people.

The companionship of animals is sufficient

          for me in this world.

It is only through deception that human beings are called

          superior to all other creatures.

True humanity only exists

          in the books around me.

All are busy fulfilling

          the ego’s desire.

What can I say?

          I am in prison in my own home.

Alas, Nurbakhsh, everywhere

          you’re saying:

there is no beautiful one in this town

          to be remembered by.

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