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How can I express

          what I see in this veil?

There is only one Being,

          but I see a myriad of “I’s” and “we’s.”

I observe the light of existence

          to come from His splendor.

I see all the “we’s” and “you’s” to be

          only imaginary forms.

Being the slave of love

          is my only occupation.

I see everyone as a beggar

          in the presence of that King.

I am unimpressed

          by this world and the next;

I see both these abodes

          as desolate appearances.

The world is alive through Him,

          while He lives through Himself alone.

I see creation as a caravan

          traveling to fana.

His sun-like visage

          removed the shadow of multiplicity;

I see His luminous face



          why all these cryptic expressions?

Divulge the secret:

          I see God by God!

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