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Wares of Non-Existence

Since we took reign

          in the realm of loving,

we have built anew

          the edifice of love.

In love’s marketplace, we gave up

          our imaginary existence

and for a lifetime have been trading

          in the wares of non-existence.

To become an intimate

          in the Beloved’s sanctuary,

we purified our heart from the thought

          of anything other than Him.

We have been free for years

          from the bonds of creation;

don’t imagine that

          we have just now left captivity.

It is through logical argument

          that the philosopher affirms God.

We, however, have pointed the way to Him

          through self-negation.

From the very first day,

          we have erased with the hand of love

the words “sorrow,” “toil” and “bitterness”

          from the tablet of the heart.

The mystics say

          our eye is the bestower of light

since we have looked upon ourselves

          with scornful eyes.

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