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Arise! Let’s break up the foundation

          of “I” and “you” and

with love’s aid block all thoughts

          of “more” and “less” from the heart.

Let’s leave the city

          of foul-natured people,

and reside in the district of the beautiful,

          to speak only of love.

There is no safety in the realm

          of “we” and “you”;

let’s step out from multiplicity and

          enter into Unity.

Let’s spend our time

          in joy

and not talk about sorrow,

          or cry and moan.

Let’s become free from needing

          this world or the hereafter.

Let’s cut down all idols

          with the blade of detachment.

Let’s chase away the army of thought

          with the Friend’s remembrance,

and block the army of grief

          by the Friend’s grace.

With Nurbakhsh let’s drink

          from the vat of Unity

and play the melodies of shur and nava

          with the lute of love.

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