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The Essence of Contentment

You are that being in whom the entire world can be seen;

You are that generosity from which all of existence became manifest.

I am that wave that reaches out to grab Your hem.

You are that ocean in which waves are flowing.

I am that ruined drunkard who is beside himself.

You are that wine that is the object of people’s imagination.

I am that mystery that was revealed and became disgraced.

You are that hidden secret in which the world is contained.

I am that word in which meaning cannot be found.

You are that name in which all names and traces are contained.

I am that wandering, whirling atom.

You are that attraction by which this transient world came to exist.

I am that agitated soul that found no rest from self.

You are the very essence of contentment in which all refuge is found.

I am that fable that entertains children.

You are that dot in which a hundred tales are hidden.

I am that one who in this world’s sleep is but a dream.

You are that place where all of these “I’s” and “we’s” continually lament.

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