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“I” and “You”

In pre-eternity

          we all agreed:

that we would never attach our hearts

          to the realm of “I” and “you,” 

that we would not get drunk

          from the wine of “I” and “you,”

that we would not become unconscious

          in a stupor of “I” and “you.” 

The world is but an atom

          in the realm of Being;

notice then how inconsequential

          is the realm of “I” and “you.” 

Cupbearer, help us, so we can

          become drunk and bewildered,

and break down this fortress

          of “I” and “you.” 

O hunter, why are you pursuing Him

          with the feet of “I” and “you”?

This prey can never be caught

          by “I” and “you.” 

The practice of the mind

          is speech; otherwise,

in the school of love there would be

          no talk of “I” and “you.” 

O Nurbakhsh, as long as

          “I” and “you” remains,

difficult will be the days

          for both I and you.

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