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Don’t go on any path

          other than the path to God;

with the pain of love, don’t approach anyone

          who is not acquainted with pain.

Do not remain bound

          by your ancestors’ idol-worship —

become a disciple of God

          and do not obey your own passion.

There are many traps

          set on your path —

Beware of becoming bewitched by the bait

          and don’t go without a guide.

Your lusts will take you

          to the path of the carnal self —

don’t enter the path of God’s friends

          without the aid of love.

The claim, “I am” can be heard

          in every corner of the world —

seek help from God

          and don’t go chasing every call.

Go without misgivings where there is selflessness,

          helplessness and self-effacement.

Don’t go to the assembly 

          of “I” and “you.”

Listen to Nurbakhsh and enter the banquet of love

          with sincerity and purity.

Don’t go to the assembly

          of the pretentious.

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