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The Name of the Friend

Say continually the name of the Friend,

          slowly, slowly;

with this alchemy change the copper

          of the heart into gold

                    slowly, slowly.

Drink from the wine of union

          in the tavern of Unity so that

all thoughts of “we” and “you”

          are removed from your mind

                    slowly, slowly.

Stamp your feet on the head of existence,

          empty your hands of both worlds,

then you will become a confidant

          of God’s secret

                    slowly, slowly.

Follow the path of that king

          who has God’s bounty,

and sooner or later he will separate

          you from yourself

                    slowly, slowly.

In love’s district

          one must not be impatient,

since difficulties will be made easy

          by surrender and contentment

                    slowly, slowly. 

There are thousands of tests in store

          for a sincere lover

until he can come to know

          love’s mystery

                    slowly, slowly.

The mystic wayfarer will traverse

          the stations of the path:

he will continue to baqa

          after reaching fana

                    slowly, slowly.

In the school of lovers, silence

          is better than speech.

O Nurbakhsh, the truth of this claim

          was made clear

                    slowly, slowly.

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