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O people of purity, my heart celebrates

          the new year, 

the time for joy, happiness

          and hope.

The eyes that were blinded by

          night’s darkness 

can now see because

          the sun has risen.

Sing, dance and rejoice like a drunkard,

          for no one

has seen the return

          of a breath already taken.

Yesterday is gone, and there is

          no news of tomorrow;

today is the chosen day and

          the time for joy.

Treasure this new year,

          for a Sufi acquires

the wealth of both worlds

          with one breath.

You are entangled in the trap

          of “I” and “we”;

for tranquility of heart, cut yourself off

          from all but the Friend.

If He bestows light,

          your ego will disappear, 

just as the bird of my heart

          has flown from its nest.

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