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The Soul of Existence

I love existence, for You are

          the soul of existence;

You are visible to me everywhere,

          manifest in every direction.

As long as I am preoccupied with self, I remain

          bewildered, wretched and tormented.

As soon as I am without self, I become joyful,

          for You are the spirit of my soul. 

Nothing appears to my eyes and heart

          other than Your face.

You are both apparent in the outward form

          and also hidden within.

You are what is seen by every viewer and

          what is witnessed by every witness.

The form of existence is a manifestation of You.

          You are the being of the cosmos.

Why do rational people try to define You

          through quantity and quality 

when You are beyond all thought, opinion

          and even imagination?

The moment I stepped outside the realm

          of “I” and “you”

I clearly saw Your trace everywhere, though in truth

          You remain traceless.

Ever since You bestowed light

          on my wandering heart,

I have come to know that in every realm

          You are my sanctuary and safety.

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